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Yuriy Humber


Yuri Group

Yuriy Humber is President of Yuri Group and founder of the Japan NRG platform, which provides regular intelligence and analysis about the Japanese energy and power industry, markets, and policy. He is also a columnist on energy issues for the “Nikkei Asia” and co-author of “Net Zero Sum”, a 2023 white paper published by CLSA on Japanese energy policies. Yuriy’s analysis and outlook has been cited in business and energy-focused  publications including The Financial Times, Bloomberg, the New York Times, ICIS, and Energy Voice, among others. 

A Cambridge University graduate, Yuriy is also the co-author of a 2017 white paper on Abenomics, including its impact on the energy industry, published by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Yuriy Humber
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